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My current blog tour continues continues!

MK French over at Girl Who Reads published an excerpt and a nice review here.

Today, Doreen at the Frumious Consortium published a lovely interview where she invents the term ‘HighDark’, which I’m keeping.

Rhiannon Mills over at Rhiannon Writes posted a review here, and thought the book was ‘incredible’.

And Paul Semel conducts quite an in-depth interview on his blog here.

Only two more stops on the blog over the rest of the week, so stay tuned folks!


SFX Review

Posted: June 16, 2018 in Books, Reviews

This month’s SFX has given me a rip-roaring 4* review. I’ve been reviewed in its hallowed pages before but this is my best performance so far. Perhaps I’m actually getting better at this writing lark!

sfx review.jpg

Hello all, and welcome to part two of my publicity roundup (because I know you don’t want to miss a thing!).

The blog tour continues with an article at Bibliosanctum and a few words from me about worldbuilding.

And Literary Wisdom have an excerpt from A Demon in Silver featuring a bit of background.

The guys at Skiffy & Fanty asked me what My Superpower would be.

Drew at the Tattooed Book Geek was over the moon that his quote for the Steelhaven series appeared on the back cover of A Demon in Silver.

Doreen Sheridan over at the Frumious Consortium, who are hosting a blog on the 20th June, thought A Demon in Silver was “a thrilling, twisty trip through a brutal fantasy land,” and she was, “definitely on board to see where Mr Ford goes with this series next.” Full review here.

LynnDee Wathen at Booklist Online thought “the multitude of characters readers are introduced to—most of them unsavory—are worth investing in”. Full review here.

And finally if, like me, you’re not a huge fan of cat pictures on the internet then there may be something to change your mind. Dr. Liz Bourke (@hawkwing_lb on twitter) kindly posted this snap of her cat, lounging around with a good book (I’m assured that no animals were harmed in the taking of this photo).

Book, cat, and rainbow bunting.

There’s been a flurry of online activity after yesterday’s release of A Demon in Silver, and here’s what some lovely people had to say about it:

Ruth Wilson at the Bookbag gave me a glowing 5* review, saying, “This is going to be a fantastic series and I cannot wait for The Hangman’s Gate to be released”. Full review here.

Nicole Evans at Erlebnisse also seemed full of praise, saying, “A Demon in Silver was a joy to read and a book I easily consumed in large chunks, thanks mainly to the complex cast of characters and the evocative way it was detailed.” Full review here.

The second day of my blog tour continues with an exclusive excerpt available from here.

Matt Staggs at Unbound Worlds interviews me here.

And finally, freshly spawned today, is the latest blog post at Beauty in Ruins, where you can read some handy (or not) writing advice from me here.




Coming Soon…

Posted: May 31, 2018 in Books, News, Reviews

Yes it’s been a while since there’s been any blog action, but prepare to be dazzled! June 12th sees the long awaited release (sorry, my fault) of new novel A Demon in Silver from Titan Books. It will also see a blog tour event, so I’ll be making up for a distinct lack of action on here.

In the meantime, take a look at the first review for the new novel which appeared in UK magazine SciFiNOW.

thumbnail_RS Ford scifi now review.jpg

The Shattered Crown – First Review!

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Reviews

It’s not out for another three weeks, but Phil Norris over at Fantasy Faction has posted a cracking review of The Shattered Crown which you can read here. “If you like your fantasy full of guts and glory and with a clever plot then this is for you.” I think he liked it!!

Excuse my French

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Reviews

Those of you in possession of a sensitive nature (and let’s face it, if you’re here the chances of that are slim) will probably not want to read this review by, erm, BookCunt. I’ll let her do the talking. 🙂