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No news is good news

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Covers, News

Yes I know, I’ve been very quiet lately. I do have an excuse though, and that’s the fact I’m writing a rather large and important novel!! Progress continues apace, hence the radio silence, and the deadline for draft one is the end of June. It looks as though I’ll hit it, so there should be no delay with the release in March of 2013. As for details on the novel, I can’t really say that much at the minute, other than we’ve finally managed to plump for a title, which has made choosing titles for books 2 and 3 that much easier. The three books will be part of the Steelhaven Trilogy, and we’ll be announcing the title of book 1 later in the year. For now, I can only tease you with the tantalising acronym: HotS. So let the speculation commence.

We’ve also been discussing covers and artists. It’s early days, and though I have no firm idea what I’d like to appear on the cover I’ve amassed a fairly long list of artists I’d like to illustrate it. It’s unlikely the final choice will be mine, what with editorial, marketing and art departments to negotiate with, but never fear, I’ll keep you posted with updates when I’m able to.

Hopefully there’ll be more news very soon, and once draft one of the manuscript is down I may well increase my blog presence with posts on the ins and outs of the craft. Personally I find it extremely enlightening when writers let me in on their secrets, so hopefully you will too. Or maybe you won’t. Let’s wait and see, eh?