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Posted: August 8, 2012 in Books, Events, News

So, because my editor John Wordsworth very selfishly went and became a father recently, editorial notes for Steelhaven 1 are still just a pipe-dream. As soon as I have those, work can begin apace on draft 2, then I can send the MS off to beta readers, when I’m sure it will be picked apart and rigorously dissected to the point where I’ll want to weep. In the meantime I’m working on the chapter plan for book 2, which at the moment consists of copious notes on Excel.

Excel?‘ I hear you cry. ‘But that’s for spreadsheets and numbers and other kinds of doodlefrippery.’ And you’d be right of course, but with seven different POV characters, each with eight or nine chapters that weave and interlink, I’ve found plotting their individual arcs in Excel makes it much easier when I have to breakdown the chapter plan later on.

I’ve also recently finished The Lord of Crows, which is a prequel short for Steelhaven and will be featured in the forthcoming Fantasy Faction Anthology. This is more or less there, and I just need the okay from John (if he’s not catching up on sleep/bottle feeding/sifting through baby poo) before I whack it off to the guys at Fantasy Faction.

Oh, and on the 17th of this month I will be attending the FANTASY FACTION NIGHT at Blackwells in London, where I will be attempting to not seem too star struck in the presence of copious writers who I admire greatly. So if you’re there feel free to say hi and ask me anything you like about my forthcoming novel – to which the answer will inevitably be, ‘sorry, if I tell you that my editor will wet-willy me right in the ear.’

See you there!!