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In The Works!

Posted: December 20, 2018 in Books, News

2018 has been a very eventful year. It saw the release of A Demon in Silver, the first book in my new fantasy trilogy, War of the Archons¬†(most recent review from The Tattooed Book Geek here). Book two, Hangman’s Gate, is written and will be release in June 2019. I’ll be going through the MS over the festive period one last time, before it goes to typeset early next year.

I also left my full-time job as a computer game writer in October to go back to life as a full-time author. Consequently, I’ll be getting busy in 2019 writing lots of stuff to hopefully sell in traditional, as well as self-published markets.

So, if you’re interested in what’s coming up, here’s a little rundown of what I plan to get my teeth into next year:

Traditional Publishing

As mentioned I have one novel coming out in 2019 and I’ll be writing the third in that trilogy during the first half of the year. There are also two new series I’ll be starting next year, in the hope that they’ll be picked up by traditional publishers. Obviously there’s no guarantee of that, as it’s a very competitive market and previous publication in no way guarantees future book deals. Nevertheless, I’ll be principally working on the following:

Spear of Malice: The third book in the War of the Archons trilogy.  This is pretty much fully planned out, I just need to iron out some cracks in the plot before writing can begin.

Codename Nightstone: I wanted to write something epic. In fact not just epic but EEEPPPIIIICC! Consequently I’ve been working on the world-building and plot for this for about six months. I wanted it to be ready early next year and the WIP is around 25k words complete already. Plan is to finish around half of the MS for book one (which will be around 80k-90k words of the 180k word final MS) before pitching it via my agent.

Codename Seax: This will be a complete change of genre for me. I’ve been reading and enjoying a bit of historical fiction over the year and fancied dipping my toe in. Consequently I’ve planned a novel set in 11th Century England. Chapter synopsis is done and I’ve got quite a bit of research material to chew through before I can start, but I’m looking forward to firing into this one.

Self Publishing

I recently made a little foray into self-publishing after Solaris granted me the rights back to my 2011 novel, Kultus. To make it a worthwhile endeavor, I need to increase the volume of product I have available (not to go too much into the details, but for ROI after advertising, self-published authors generally need a large back catalogue) so that’s my plan for the latter half of 2019. Initially I’ll be working on two projects:

Codename Strykers: This will be my first proper collaboration. An old friend of mine recently released his first self-published novel, which I’m currently reading and loving. After a few conversations we decided to work on something together. This will be a military sci-fi series with a demonic twist. If all goes well the first book will be out towards the end of 2019.

Brood: If I’ve got any time left next year I’ll be continuing the tales of Thaddeus Blaklok which started in Kultus in 2011. Book two, Brood is currently in the works, but I’ve recently put it on the back burner. I’ve planned six books in the series to do his story justice, and the eBook of Kultus is currently available for 99p/99c. You can get a sampler with a comic and short story by signing up to the mailing list on my website here.

And that’s me for at least the next 12 months. Obviously this sounds like a lot, and plans are often changed depending on circumstances, but hey – aim for the stars you might hit the moon, and all that. So make sure you have a cracking Xmas, and I hope to be blogging a lot more next year with good news about book deals and publication.

Take care of yourselves