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Posted: December 28, 2011 in Books, Interview, News

Graeme Flory over at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review, as well as giving me an ace review here, has now posted a brief interview here, in which you’ll get to learn intimate details about yours truly, such as where my influences for Blaklok came from, and what it was that once made me ill out of both ends at the same time!

Well, that was good news…

Posted: December 16, 2011 in News

Yes, after a week of having to keep my mouth shut I can now reveal that I’ve struck a major three-book deal with Headline for an epic fantasy trilogy. More details via my agent John Jarrold’s website here and on the Bookseller website here. Big thanks go to John for making this happen on the strength of a part-manuscript… now all I’ve got to do is finish the first novel and write another two!

And yes, you did read that right: “a major new fantasy talent here, to rank with Joe Abercrombie, Peter V Brett”! So watch out Abercrombie. Step aside Brett. And you Martin and Morgan. Watch out Tchaikovsky and Lynch. Beware Rothfuss and Sanderson. I have come for your crowns and none of you can stand against me, I will tread your dead skulls to ash and claim my rightful place as the unrivalled king of modern epic fantasy.

Or we could just have a nice cup of tea and chat about it.