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Free Stuff

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Books, News

I’ve added a Free Stuff page to the blog which you can click on now. Go on, do it, you’ll find something most impressive in there. Illustrated by the very talented Ryan E Horvath (don’t forget the E) is a thirteen page preview comic for the novel Kultus. The events of the strip take place just before those depicted in the novel and it’s all yours absolutely free (did I mention free is my favourite word?).

Speaking of comics, 2000AD are also hosting a give-away in Prog 1758. By answering a simple question (though to be honest I don’t know the answer myself) you can win one of five brand spanking new copies of Kultus. There’s also a full-page ad for the novel on the back cover, so you could do a lot worse than to grab yourself a copy from the newsagents!

I can’t tell you how made up I am about this. I’ve been a 2000AD fan since I was running around in short trousers (though I still do that on occasion) and if you told me when I was a nipper that one day I’d have a novel advertised in those hallowed pages I wouldn’t have believed you.

Anyway, Kultus is now available everywhere in the US and Canada, and sees release in the UK on November 1st. If you like what you read in the free comic, it’s more than likely you’ll love the novel, so do yourself a favour and buy one!!