Free Stuff

A Free Sample from the novel Kultus.

Sleeping Beauty a short story by Mark Lawrence, narrated by Richard Ford.

The Halfwyrd’s Burden a Steelhaven audio short story.

  1. Sand says:

    good comics. Can’t wait to read the novel novel now. If it is as good as the comic, you will have to write the sequel.

  2. Philip Fort says:

    Dear Mr. Ford,
    I found a copy of your book Kultus on my recent trip to Europe, in a bookstore in downtown Stockholm Sweden, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I really enjoyed your city of characters in the Manufactory, especially Blaklok, and I hope you plan to do more! I love the way you handled occult lore and your gritty characters. I was saddened to learn there is no more Thaddeus Blaklok stories to be had. Now that I know about your fantasy trilogy, I wish definitely try it out, and I will continue to pine after more of your “steam powered demonic action”. You made another fan of Blaklok. (BTW I love the cover design too! Its what drew me in!)

    • Richard Ford says:

      Thanks very much, Philip. There’s a Blaklok short story and comic strip in the Free Stuff section of this site, but that’s all for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid. I hope you like the Steelhaven trilogy!

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