Clash of the Titan!

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Books, News

It’s been a long time coming, but yes, I have finally scored a new book deal with Titan Books. Full details are here. Obviously I am well stoked about this and can’t wait to get to work. The guys at Titan were great and the series couldn’t be in better hands. Also, props to my agent John Jarrold for making this happen. He really is da man!

In other news, my Steelhaven short story, The Halfwyrd’s Burden, has been produced as an audioshort (if that’s even a thing) on the Far Fetched Fables site here. Have a listen… IT’S FREE!!

  1. Vaark says:

    Dear “Rich”, many thanks for the books you offered for posterity.

    As for the (numerous) French readers you mentioned in your previous post, might we expect something like this audioshort with subtitles, or anything related, so we could somehow get some kind of closure to this thrilling saga where you left us pending?

    Kind regards


    • Richard Ford says:

      Hi Adrien

      There are no current plans for a full novel to tie up the Havrefer series… yet. However, there may be news at some time in the near future regarding further work published through Bragellone. That’s about all I can say for now.


      • Vaark says:

        Then, all we have left is the hope this near future potential work will be related to steelhaven!

        …and that it will not take ages like a Rothfuss’ or a Martin’s so we don’t forget by this time everything we read so far…

        Thank you very much for your surprisingly fast answer!

        Wish you the best,


  2. Stewart says:

    This is excellent news. I loved Steelhaven, it was a very, very good series and thank you for writing it. The ending was as enigmatic as it was satisfying. Its good to see we will get more from you, I’m very excited to read Gods of War, nice work sir, keep it up.

  3. Hi Richard,
    I am such a huge fan of your books.The Steelhaven trilogy is one of the absolute best series I have read in 10 years(and I read about 180 books a year!) Any news on the release date of the first book in your new series?
    Will there ever be another Thaddeus Blaklok book? Could you at least start self-publishing them if Solaris is uninterested? I could read 50 of Blaklok novels and never get bored. What an amazing big budget tv series that could be.

    • Richard Ford says:

      Hi Jan
      Thanks for the comment. My new series from Titan Books, War of the Archons, starts in June this year with book one: A Demon in Silver.
      As for the Blaklok series, I would still love to write more and who knows, maybe I will self publish the rest of the series somewhere down the line.

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