That was the year that was.

Posted: December 31, 2013 in News

So, as 2013 draws to a close I’m sitting back to think on a year with some pretty steep highs and lows. Most of the lows are on a personal level, and I’m not going to bore you with them here, but work-wise things have been going pretty bloody well. Herald of the Storm came out in March to some pretty stonking reviews. It’s sold pretty well for a début epic fantasy in a very crowded market and the four foreign translation deals are nothing to be sniffed at. Book two in the Steelhaven series, The Shattered Crown, is now completed, edited and typeset and copies should be winging their way to book shops early in the new year.

The most satisfying news I’ve had recently is to learn I managed to sneak on Fantasy Faction’s Best of 2013 list at number 13 – it’s true, just take a look! Yes that’s me rubbing shoulders next to Daniel Abraham and Brian McClellan. Go me!

This month I also nabbed the opportunity to do my first bit of voice over work! You wouldn’t think that a dopey sounding Yorkshireman would be anyone’s first choice for narration, but it doesn’t seem to do Sean Bean’s career any harm. Consequently, Mark Lawrence chose me from a very talented bunch of individuals to narrate one of his short stories, which will be available for free, right about as soon as I’ve had the chance to record my dulcet tones.

So that was 2013, and 2014 is set to be just as good a ride. See you there. 🙂

  1. Davieboy says:

    Well done Richard, HotS was fab, looking forward to the next one. Happy New Year!

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