Shattered Crown Cover

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Covers

Yes, that’s right, Steelhaven Two: The Shattered Crown now has a cover (pause for applause). Here’s the wraparound that will be used for the trade paperback version (clicky for a larger version):


Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of the book industry, it doesn’t look like book two will receive a hardback edition. This is as annoying for me as it will be for those of you who would like a full set of hardbacks, but there’s some things even I can’t control.  Anyway, it’s the words that matter, and the latest draft has just been sent for typesetting with a view to a March 2014 release – ooh exciting!!


  1. Davieboy says:

    I want a hardback please. What’s the problem, your work is well worthy, surely you’ve sold a few books? What I actually want is a hardback with a free ebook thrown in. Not too much to ask for surely?
    I’m prepared to pay separately and extra for the audiobook. Tell the publishers!

    • Richard Ford says:

      Imagine your disappointment, Dave, and multiply it by around 50. That comes somewhere close to mine. And I agree, free ebooks with all hardback editions would be great. I’ll be meeting up with the peeps in charge at this year’s WFC so maybe I can persuade them to change their minds.

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